Allen Edmond shoes brought back to their former glory

This explains a lot. Have a look at these before and after pictures. This pair of Allen Edmonds shoes are 5 years old and were worn most everyday (although the owner just said it was a ‘rough winter’ (not sure which of the 5)). But this is a quality pair of shoes, and because they are "recraftable",… // continue

Shaving off the extras on shaving

Recently shaving off my beard has prompted me to give this daily ritual some thought and I’ve decided to forget five-blade crap that is over packaged and over priced. I tried them all; three blades, four blades, five blades, roller balls, Harry's and the Dollar Shave Club. But, I’ve faced… // continue

Suit Trade-in Results

THANK YOU! Clothing can make such a difference to a person’s confidence. We see it everyday – and really enjoy the transformations, especially in young people who come in for their first new suit. We also know that there are many people who could never afford a suit of any kind so we wanted… // continue

The Great Suit Trade - in

SAVE 20%  Time for a spring spruce up? Well, for the entire month of April, bring in 'suitable clothing' to trade and get 20% off an update. AND the suit or business clothes you trade-in will be donated to a person who doesn't have a job and doesn't have interview… // continue


Socks. Usually the last stop on the road towards what to wear for the day. An afterthought before the important questions such as "Does this shirt and tie work?" "Brown or black shoes?" Or for some, the age old question of "How does my hair look?" There really is no hard and fast rule. Granted, should… // continue