Suit Trade-in Results


Clothing can make such a difference to a person’s confidence. We see it every day – and really enjoy the transformations, especially in young people who come in for their first new suit.

We also know that there are many people who could never afford a suit of any kind so we wanted to help and turned to you, our customers with our Great Suit Trade-in event.

And you answered – donations poured in! We had racks of suits and jackets and piles of shirts and ties everywhere. We even had some shoes and belts to be sorted through. Truthfully it became a bit a daunting task but one call to the Telus Community Ambassadors and we had people ready to transport, sort and even iron (and there was lots to iron!). Thank you Kathy Baan and your team!

The clothing was transported to GT Hiring Solutions, our distribution partner. They work directly with people seeking employment and were just so happy to be able to direct people our way. It is very rare for them to be able to help a man with clothing, they can send women to a charity called Wear2Start but nothing similar exists for men on a regular basis.

GT also works with 13 community groups servicing people with many different challenges including the Skills to Work program through the Mustard Seed, Skills to Recovery Program (Salvation Army) and WorkLink Employment Services and invitations to access the clothing distribution through all of them.

On Wednesday, June 8 at 4 pm, we had more than 40 men in the room as we opened the doors to start distributing and dozens more came throughout the four-hour event. Everyone was so busy helping ‘customers’ that no one stopped to keep track but scores of guys scored great clothing. It was truly amazing and humbling to be a part of and the transformations were phenomenal.

Thank you to Garth Yoneda, staff and volunteers at GT Hiring Solutions for being an incredible partner. Thank you Kathy Baan for arranging the wonderfully dedicated Telus volunteers and thank you Stan, Shannon, Vanessa, Ryan and Rossi for being every bit as committed to making sure the recipients looked great as you are with the clients in store.

And especially thank you Outlooks customers for stepping up and helping less fortunate. I can tell you that you put a smile on many faces including our own.

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