Socks. Usually the last stop on the road towards what to wear for the day. An afterthought before the important questions such as “Does this shirt and tie work?” “Brown or black shoes?” Or for some, the age old question of “How does my hair look?”

There really is no hard and fast rule. Granted, should you find yourself at a formal black tie event, unless clearly specified black socks are probably a safe bet.

In general, when it comes to choosing what socks to wear, in the words of GQ
“Pick a color that goes back to some element of your outfit or has similar undertones (i.e. cool or warm) so that socks clash,but not annoyingly so. If your socks clash completely, let that be the only color so that it looks purposeful.”

Back in the store after a Christmas clear out are socks from Marcoliani Milano, an Italian company started in 1949. Made from Pima cotton, we’ve got your sock game covered whether your wearing brown shoes or black, blue jeans or slacks.

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