Shaving off the extras on shaving

Recently shaving off my beard has prompted me to give this daily ritual some thought and I’ve decided to forget five-blade crap that is over packaged and over priced. I tried them all; three blades, four blades, five blades, roller balls, Harry’s and the Dollar Shave Club. But, I’ve faced the truth – shaving has never needed any of these “so called” improvements.

I’ve returned to the single blade safety razor, which dates back to the 1880s, it remains the best shave I’ve ever had, with the exception of a straight blade shave done by one of the experts at Victory Barber, but who can afford that every day?

The safety razor shave is the most economical as well. Those ridiculous five blade things come in four-packs and cost upwards of $20. Safety razor blades cost $2.95 for five. A single blade, flipped over mid-month, usually lasts me about 30 days and I again shave every day of the week, meaning in a year I wouldn’t spent more than $9 on blades.

An English-made Simpsons brush is $48, probably lasts at least seven years, badger ones cost a little more. The razor itself is about $115, if you can’t find an old one in a drawer. It will last a lifetime. You can hand it down to your son. It’ll never die.

Fantastic Taylor of Old Bond Street sandalwood shave cream costs $25. I’ve never gone through two containers in twelve months.

I haven’t nicked myself in months. The stuff is just plain cool. And I’m never in Shopper’s Drug Mart shaking my head at the prospect of spending $20 on those ridiculous plastic packs full of unnecessary, over-designed blades that are truly only designed to line the pockets of Gillette Corporation.


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