Camel Overcoat by Dangerfield, $495 ; Dean Vest by Empire Clothing, $255 ; White Oxford by Outclass, $169 ; Maroon Tie by Mirto, $110 ; Dylan Jeans by AG, $255

"Dark denim jeans pair perfectly with a textured vest for a casual holiday look that still feels polished."

Wool Sportcoat by Baumler, $475 ; 

Wool Vest by Baumler, $175 ; Pink

Shirt by Eton, $255 ; Silk Tie by Eton, $135 ; Brass Tie Bar by Wurkin Stiffs, $35 ; Floral Lapel Pin

by Pocket Square Clothing, $39

"Holiday events are a time to pay attention to your accessories - adding extra touches like a lapel pin, pocket square or tie bar will elevate your look from business to social."

Idol Suit by Empire, $725 ; White Dress Shirt by Eton, $255 ; Silk Tie by Eton, $135 ; Silk Pocket Square by Eton, $65

"If you want to make a bold statement this Holiday season, jewel tones are sure to leave an impression."

Checked 3-Piece Suit by Strellson, $1138 ; White Dress Shirt by Eton, $255 ; Blue Silk Tie by Altea, $98 ; Floral Lapel Pin by Doro Montreal, $20 ; Silver Tie Bar by Wurkin Stiffs, $35

"A maroon suit and floral bow tie make for a playful take on a classic black tie look."

"If you don't know where to start when putting together your holiday look, start with a crisp white shirt and a dark suit."

Maroon Suit by Paul Betenley, $695 ; White Dress Shirt by Eton, $255; Floral Bowtie by Cursor & Thread, $59