Allen Edmond shoes brought back to their former glory

This explains a lot. Have a look at these before and after pictures. This pair of Allen Edmonds shoes are 5 years old and were worn most everyday (although the owner just said it was a ‘rough winter’ (not sure which of the 5)). But this is a quality pair of shoes, and because they [...]

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The Man & His Dog Fashion Show was a huge success! The new store space was great for the event, allowing us to pack in more than 100 people and build a 30' catwalk. Our 12 men and 13 dog models did a great job - though I suspect the dogs got a little more [...]

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We’re In

We have settled into our new store and are loving the spacious feel and the ease of being in a space thas has been purpose designed. The only problem is, having unpacked so quickly, unless you were the one who put something away it's a constant hunt to find silly little things like scissors, stickers, [...]

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The New Store

We wanted to be open today but, as with many construction projects, there have been some delays. However everything is looking fantastic and we are determined to be open Saturday, September 6 at 10am. Stop by and check out the new look and, if we haven't finished unpacking, maybe you can give us a hand! [...]

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