About Outlooks Victoria

Outlooks Victoria

In 1988 Dale Olsen took a little misstep and left the glamorous life he led as a newspaper editor to step across the floor and take up life as an advertising sales person. Trading 12 hour days for 12 hour days, escaping every once in a while to enjoy the wild lifestyles of a northern town known as Kamloops. Toiling away, Olsen dreamed of relocating to Victoria, where he had spent (wasted) his University years. Always a slave to fashion, Olsen was a regular at the city’s most fashionable retailer, Outlooks for Men and when he decided to leave town he decided to take the shop with him. Thus Outlooks for Men moved to Victoria BC.

In the decades since, Olsen has continued to move and Outlooks Menswear is now in its third Victoria home at 534 Yates Street. It’s a huge shop, finally befitting the huge headed man with a big fashion vision.

In 2011, a second Outlooks opened in Duncan, and while the store there may have a smaller square footage, it has the entire Outlooks inventory to draw from. Think of it as overstuffed closet but made miraculously tidy like on those closet organizer commercials…